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    Why Choose Blinq I-Lash

    Long lashes are a natural way to enhance your most beautiful feature.

    BLINQ I-LASH Lash & Brow Serum will extend the natural growth cycle of your lashes to lengths you've only dreamed of.

    Affordable and responsibly formulated using US FDA Inspected Ingredients proven to grow long lashes and help fill in sparse brows.

    New Customer?

    We want you to be excited about your lashes so for first time customers we offer a free bottle of BLINQ I-LASH Lash & Brow Serum with your first order of one or more bottles.  We're confident you'll love your lashes!

    We're dedicated to your long lashes and would love to see before and after pictures send yours to team@blinq.club 

    How to Apply

    Use BLINQ I-LASH & EYEBROW consistently each night for 16 weeks to extend your natural growth cycle. 

    Learn more about the natural growth cycle click here

    1) wash all make-up and products off face and eyes

    2) drop 1 - 2 drops of serum into the lid of your Blinq I-lash bottle

    3) dip your applicator into the serum and apply a fine line a long each of your upper lash lines and then brows 

    4) Wipe any extra product with a q-tip